The Little Christian That Could? (The Kim Davis Story)

THIS JUST IN–(always wanted to say that)–Kim Davis, aka the woman who was thrown in jail for her refusal to marry same-sex couples, has been released.

Okay. We should probably start at the beginning.

Kim Davis is a county clerk in Grayson, Kentucky. Jealous? And following SCOTUS’s decision back in June to legalize same-sex marriage, Davis decided that she would just stop issuing marriage licenses to any couples at all.


I am not a lawyer, and I do recognize that in the Great American Melting Pot of different kinds of humans, we have rights. However, it SEEMS like Kim Davis was exercising the right to not do her job. This seems new and interesting. What are we supposed to do when our sincere religious beliefs interfere with the very thing we’re supposed to be doing? Life might get tough when your faith stands in the way of your paycheck. The reason she was actually thrown in jail was because after the judge explained to her why she could not do what she was doing, she stood her ground and essentially said “I hear you, but, still no.”

I’m certain that the judge had enough of Davis’s Kentucky Fried Bullshit, but the decision was made to release her because he was okay with the county office continuing to issue marriage licenses (despite what one of their associates thought.)

Here’s the interesting part though: Upon her release from the Carter County Detention Center, Davis walked out onto a stage in front of a rally of people shouting and applauding her, her lawyer and Mike freaking Huckabee holding her hands up like she just won a wrestling tournament, her husband in overalls standing behind her, all while Eye of the Tiger was playing.

usa-gaymarriage-kentuckyThis, my fellow humans, is the face of Kentucky.

What kind of questions do we ask ourselves in lieu of a situations such as this? No doubt, there is a lot to discuss. The LGBTQ community has defeated a law that was pretty much born of a religious doctrine. It was a beautiful display of America making progress in the field of human rights. Kim Davis is a human, too, though. Even if she’s wrong, is she some kind of “hero” for standing behind her beliefs even when it got her thrown in jail? Are her actions admirable or deplorable? Was incarceration necessary when the normal penalty for refusal to do one’s job is simply firing them? It’s a lot to take in. And those who are against Davis probably agree that none of this resolved the actual underlying issues. For that matter, those who are in FAVOR of Davis probably feel that their own underlying issues haven’t been resolved either.

If you want to see the show:



To God be the glory?


And hey, we’re all human.


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