Ol’ Ben, A Real “Straight Shooter”

If you don’t know who Dr. Ben Carson is, he is a current frontrunner in the Republican primaries. Just trailing behind Mr. Trump.

Now, I apologize to my under-18 readers (and to most of my over-18 readers) who don’t care about politics for doing a piece about a politician. I get it, politics are stupid and boring and complicated and aren’t [supposed to be] entertaining.

I told myself I would stay away from the 2016 Presidential election when it comes to my writing. I don’t want to upset anyone with any ‘biased’ views or hitting on subjects you’re tired of hearing about. I’m still an amateur and I have to practice being impartial and “journalistic.”

But I just cannot resist ol’ Ben here.


Whether you lean to the left, to the right, or you just have no clue or care, you still may have heard about Dr. Carson’s comments regarding homosexuality.


Wait, no. I mean you may have heard Dr. Carson’s comments regarding women and how violence against them is “not that terrible a plague.”

I’m sorry, I’m not talking about that either… Oh! You may have heard Dr. Carson’s comments about POTUS.


I am so sorry, that’s not what I wanted to address today either.

He is an intelligent human being with the wit and the guts to run for president, and he is actually very favorable among demographics. He said SOMETHING that apparently turned us off, though.

What was it? Help me out, Ol’ Ben.


Ahh, there it is.

I’m a few days late with my browsing through the NY Times, but I got it. Dr Carson reportedly said, “I would not just stand there and let him shoot me,” on Fox News. “I would say: ‘Hey, guys, everybody attack him! He may shoot me, but he can’t get us all.’ ”

Does he think he’s in a movie? What is he suggesting? Surely a man who is going for the nation’s highest office is not placing blame on the victims of a tragically fatal shooting on a college campus. Surely, this is not the case. Right?

Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian, if you are in the public eye, you will get into some hot water for saying things like that. It may be unfair to jump on him for it right now. I mean, things come out wrong all the time. I mess up what I’m trying to say on a regular basis. But this still seems bold and questionable.

I’m out of town because my current home (Columbia, SC) is dealing with the aftermath of extreme flooding. I’m positive that had Ol’ Ben been there, he would not have just stood there and let himself get flooded. He’d fight back. Some of us might die in the process, but at least it might not be everyone.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures during the first Republican presidential debate at the Quicken Loans Arena Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

One would think that a neurosurgeon knows enough about the human brain that he wouldn’t be so confident in knowing exactly how he’d react in such a horrifying situation. I don’t know if I would freeze, run, dial 911, or all three. But I would not ATTACK THE GUY WITH THE WEAPON. Why does Carson think that yelling “Everybody attack him!” won’t result in immediate termination?

Also, someone did try to stop that gunman. An Army veteran tried to stop him, and was shot multiple times. This, while heroic and obviously respectable, illustrates the risk Dr. Carson is so certainly willing to take.

I’m having trouble discerning the point Carson is even trying to make. Considering he is a republican and in favor of gun rights, he may be trying to say “Well, if we all had accessible guns, we wouldn’t be getting killed by mad men.” MAYBE that’s the point. Maybe not. For clarification we can move on to this:

“I never saw a body with bullet holes that was more devastating than taking the right to arm ourselves away,” – Ben Carson


Man. We really like our guns.

It does’t stop there, though. In an interview with USA Today’s Capital Download, Carson said,

“If I had a little kid in kindergarten somewhere would feel much more comfortable if I knew on that campus there was a police officer or somebody who was trained with a weapon. I would feel more comfortable…If the teacher was trained in the use of that weapon and had access to it, I would be much more comfortable if they had one than if they didn’t.”

To protect our children, we should give their teachers firearms.

That way, when crazy man come, teacher can kill him instead of just standing there.

The retired surgeon’s remarks inevitably bothered a particular human: Erica Lafferty, whose mother, Dawn Hochsprung, was the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School. Hochsprung was shot and killed in the 2012 massacre.

Lafferty in a statement to The Guardian:

Ben Carson’s comments are insensitive to anyone who has ever been personally affected by gun violence…Are gun extremists so morally bankrupt that their solution to ending school shootings is asking kindergarten teachers to be trained in how to attack a gunman?

My mother was an elementary school principal, not a marine who signed up to be on the front lines of a shootout.

Hochsprung was actually one of the first people to confront Adam Lanza that day. According to witnesses, she yelled, “Shooter, stay put!” which saved lives, not including her own. Lafferty states, “My mother did not just stand there and let herself get shot.”


It doesn’t stop here either.

Ol’ Ben, after bragging about how quick-witted and heroic he would be if faced with a gunman, actually told his own story about the time he was faced with a gunman.

On a radio show called The Hill, the doctor recounted the events.

“I have had a gun held on me when I was in a Popeye’s organization,” –pause. I love how he calls it an organization.–“Guy comes in, put the gun in my ribs…I just said, ‘I believe that you want the guy behind the counter.’”


Okay. So, what Ben Carson claimed he would do if faced with a gunman is tell everyone to attack him.

What he did not do when faced with a gunman, was tell everyone to attack him.

What he did do was calmly direct the gunman to a specific person.




I won’t say Carson is ‘wrong’ for his actions or presumptions, but I will say that this all seems like the behavior and logic of someone who maybe shouldn’t be so favored in a race to the White House.

I know it seems like I’m calling out Ben Carson for the sake of calling out Ben Carson. But believe me, the opinions of an 18-year-old nerd with a semi-political blog will not have an impact on Dr. Carson. He is still a top-tier candidate, doing exceptionally well in the polls. I will pick on him as much as I pick on his counterparts. They all say things that I can pounce on.

Mass shootings are a prominent issue in this country. Every time there is a shooting, the “gun control” argument comes back up. How do we make things safer? For us, and for the kids? How do we make things safer without stripping the good citizens of this nation of their rights? People like Ol’ Ben may see the tragedy as a thing that just sort of happens; and the thing we’re supposed to do about it is either nothing, or get more guns. People on the other side may see the solution to the problem as regulating arms more heavily, or even restricting them altogether in some way.

Ol’ Ben is certainly not the only person whose antics I could turn into an article. He’s just a politician. I don’t care much about the politics of it all, though, I promise. The theme here, if one even exists, is humanity. I care about the humanity of it all.


What I mean is we need to keep these topics open for questions and discussion even when it makes us uncomfortable. I’m confident that we all recognize that America has a gun problem. We all recognize that while our rights are important need to be protected, so are the lives of our citizens.

Occasionally, we slip up. We might say things that do a higher degree of damage than we thought. We might have very good intentions, but have a skewed idea of how to go about them.

Just like almost everything else I put up here, we can talk about it with each other, or rant about it, or joke about it.

Again, sorry for the politics,

but hey,

we’re all human.


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