On The Spoiled Brattiness of Everyone

I’ve noticed a fairly common trend among us humans.

We have a lot of awesome stuff that we hate.

Recently, unless you are a newborn child, you got to live through the actual day to which Marty McFly traveled in the 1984 film Back to the Future.

The news networks, the talk shows, and especially the Internet, all came together to look back on the events in the film, and more importantly to compare and contrast the fictional future to the actual future.

I thought it was actually pretty cool to see the ways society has changed since the 80s (especially since I didn’t exist back then). It was interesting to see what “came true” and what didn’t.

For example, as predicted we have hands-free/wireless video games.


The movie and the notions of the “future” got me thinking.

It got me thinking about all the things we have in today’s society, specifically our technological advances.

When people remembered that we don’t, as the public, have access to flying cars, they were upset.

When people realized that we don’t have people walking around in auto-lacing Nike shoes, they wondered how that could be possible.

When people were walking their dogs the same way they always have, they were pissed about dog-walking drones not existing.


If you leave the house in 2015, do you know what you’d see?

I see this:


And this:


And oh my God…have you seen this?


Hoverboards, people. We literally have hoverboards.

We have a staggering amount of convenience at our fingertips almost all the time. When on a plane, people watch movies on their iPads, or read books on their Kindles. They also FLY.

You can transfer money from account to account on mobile phone apps. Why do we even have banks anymore?

You can make a six-second cinematic masterpiece on a handheld device and then it will spread over the entire globe in a matter of like, a day.

It blows my mind that we can be arguing with someone, and settle it in five seconds by taking out our phone and looking up the info…and then we get angry at the fact that we have to tie our own shoes.

I’m absolutely astounded at how you can pretty much have every song you have ever listened to, and ever will listen to, on one rectangle in your palm…but we’re upset that sometimes it’s impossible for the cashier to split your bill among two of your cards.

It baffles me that we have a programmed robot voice (that we can change to male or female, or even give an accent) that tells us every single direction we have to take when driving from point A to point B…but then if it messes up one time, we go “I HATE THIS STUPID THING.”


Have you ever been trying to watch Netflix with people, and you’re all having trouble deciding what to watch, and someone in the group goes:

“This is so annoying. Netflix never has anything good.”



We actually have the conceit to demand so much from the world. We feel as though we are owed all this technology and convenience that does not yet exist, and why? What have we done to deserve Netflix?


Precisely zero things.

But we’ve got it. And that is one of the most amazing concepts on the planet. You can’t say there’s nothing to watch when there’s everything to watch.

I don’t mean to judge the entire population. It’s only human nature to want what we can’t have. And if we didn’t constantly have those “You know what we need?” thoughts, then we would pretty much never have any innovation. But it’s very evident that we, at least in the first world, have been spoiled rotten.

And yes, it’s frustrating that in the same age where you can illegally download music, we still don’t have bathroom stall doors that go all the way down to the floor. But the mere fact that this thing called WiFi exists should be enough to make you say “What a time to be alive.”

Would having a dog like Goddard be cool?


Of course it would.

But I’m willing to bet that this generation of Earthlings will eventually find a reason to complain about their robot dogs, and demand that something more efficient be invented.

It’s incredible, the advancements we’ve made.

It’s even more incredible, the complete disregard for how incredible it all is.

My real question is this:

If we are so ‘used to’ the amazing lives we’re living, to a point where we aren’t even comfortable anymore…is that a good sign or a bad sign?

Is it a sign that society is deteriorating into a bunch of brats that just complain and want and never show appreciation?

Is it a sign that we still have so many more advancements to make, and that life will eventually be even BETTER than it is now?


I think that in the future, people will be living lifestyles around things that none of us are even imagining today.

But I also think that we should take a few moments to just remember how cool it is that our house phones aren’t on a cord.

And that we don’t have to waste tons of paper doing things that are now done online.

And that Back to the Future and its sequels are now classics that we can still enjoy, while watching spectacular eye-pleasing films such as Interstellar.

“I was in a plane once about a month ago. They had high speed wireless internet on the plane. They had never done that before. They explained it to us, that we are the first aircraft. I open my laptop, and I’m online. I’m looking at YouTube and s***, while we are flying. Then it broke down. The woman says, ‘I’m sorry we have to fix the internet, so it’s down for the rest of the flight.’ And the guy next to me goes, ‘Ugh, unbelievable.’ … How does the world owe you something that you didn’t even know existed until 30 seconds ago?” ~ Louis C.K.

Be happy with what we’ve got.

And if there’s a demand for something more, or for a fix, then we can always innovate. Right?

But I, personally, am making very little contributions. So I probably have very little right to complain. You probably do too.

And hey,

we’re all human.


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