Why I’m Scared to Have Kids

A few weeks back, I had an assignment in my University 101 course. Essentially what I was expected to do was give a brief speech, similar to a TedTalk, about a topic of my choosing.

I remembered sitting around with my friends, and a couple of them said something along the lines of:

“Oh my God, I can’t wait to have kids!”

And I remember thinking to myself…


I do not have any children. But I do spend a lot of time anxiously thinking about the future.

When I get deep into the thoughts of what having children will be like, I am absolutely terrified.

So I wrote my speech about it.

After I presented my finished product, my professor and the president of my residence hall asked if I could do it again, this time on camera. They wanted to put it in our archives. I said yes.

If you’re interested, here it is:


I feel like I managed to get my points across in the speech, even if it is a few short minutes. And while bringing life into the world is a beautiful thing, and (despite my pretentious reactions) surely something to look forward to…no doubt it will be a challenge.

Good thing I won’t have to worry about it for like, ten years.

And hey,

we’re all human.


“It’s hard having kids because it’s boring. That really is the hardest part of having kids. Ask any parent–‘What’s the hard part? Is it looking after their healthcare? Is it making sure that their educa’– No, it’s just being with them, on the floor, while they be children. It’s just…they read ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’ to you, at a rate of 50 minutes a page, and you have to sit there and be horribly proud and bored at the same time.” ~ Louis C.K.


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