I Am The President.

It’s been a hell of a ride, and it’s not even close to being over.

I sat quietly (well, not so quietly on Twitter) throughout this entire election season. I watched as Donald Trump enraged the masses with his rhetoric while simultaneously getting stronger.

I watched as Bernie Sanders defied expectations by building a support base larger and more loyal than anyone anticipated.

I watched as Republican candidates dropped like flies.


I watched over Ben Carson as he napped peacefully.

I watched as Hillary Clinton soared like a bald eagle into the night sky past Bernie Sanders and away from responsibility for her actions.

And I watched as the likes of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan spoke out against Donald Trump.

All of the speeches, rallies, caucuses, debates, interviews, cartoons, and dank memes…they led me to one damning conclusion.

I am the president.


Hear me out.

Many people can’t necessarily decide if America is a republic or a democracy. For the sake of argument, let’s call it a democracy. We, the people, are the ones who initially cast our own votes for future government officials.

Republicans, such as Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio, have repeatedly referred to Donald Trump as an “embarrassment” to the GOP.

Is he an embarrassment? It would perhaps be pretty embarrassing to be caught making overtly racist statements and chaotically spewing profane and borderline violent rhetoric to your followers and opponents. But Trump seems pretty confident in all of this. And, more importantly, he’s winning.


He is not winning for no reason. He is winning because we like him.

Statistically speaking, we all probably know a Trump supporter.

The man is more of a reflection than an embarrassment. Say what you will about him, but in a sense, he is us.


What about Hillary?

She can’t get the youth to vote for her, but she’s still on top. No one trusts her, but she’s still on top. She allegedly mishandled classified information, but she’s still on top.


“She doesn’t really care about us. She just wants to president.”

Well, let’s say that’s true. Now what?

Everyone running for president wants to be president. Everyone running also cares at least some amount about how the job they do will affect the people living in this country. But, still, they want to have that power.

Imagine: You have been working hard and diligently toward every single one of your goals for virtually your entire life. You displayed leadership skills throughout your youth. You were an activist. You pushed agendas forward. You were a senator. A First Lady. A Secretary of State. You got shit done. You tried to become president once, and a handsome smooth-talking black man swooped in and ripped it from under you. And now you get to try again.

Of course you want it now.

That’s how being a person works. We try. We do. We work. We make mistakes. At the very least, we’re voting for Hillary just as we’re voting for Trump. She, too, is a reflection. We are, in a sense, Hillary Rodham Clinton.


What about Cruz?

Oh, you mean


Who is Ted Cruz, if not the infamous zodiac killer?

Cruz is the ultra-conservative in this race. He is a Tea Party constitutionalist. He represents those of us who stick to our principles more firmly than a homophobe sticks to the Old Testament.

Where do you find a guy like that? Canada? Not a chance.

Cruz is anti-Trump because he does not believe Trump is a true conservative. Many Americans feel the same way. Many Americans want us to bring the nation back to the exact words of the Constitution. And take it back from those dirty immigrants.

Some of us may be more aesthetically pleasing, but we are still Ted Cruz.



Do you #FeeltheBern?

I’m in college. *Bernie voice* And I will tell you this…

College is full of Bernie Sanders supporters. And why? Is it because Bernie wants to make college free? Is it because college-aged people just don’t vibe with Hillary?

Maybe college kids, leftists, independents, socialists at heart, celebrities, and cute grandpa lovers are fed up with the hand certain Americans are dealt. Maybe they feel that it is high time that someone stood up for the little guy.

Like Trump, Bernie is resonating with a group of people who are anti-establishment. They are under the impression that they have been pushed around for too long. Bernie supporters blame the rich, Trump supporters blame the poor and the brown. Both groups of Americans are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

And we’ve got a bit of that underdog mentality–that readiness for a revolution–inside of us.




As I live out my days as a civilian, a non-veteran, non-politician, non-part-of-the-establishment individual, this is what makes up my identity:

I have a desire to set things right.

I have a fear of the unknown, but a willingness deep down to fight it.

I want power.

I want others to have power.

I want to quit.

I want to keep going.

I root for the underdog.

I have to be fact-checked.

If I can change something that needs to be changed, I have a moral obligation to do it.


What about the rest of us?

What about Trump? Cruz? Clinton? Sanders?


These people are reflections of our society. It’s how they got to where they are. Our determined nature lives in Hillary. Our rage against the machine lives in Trump and Sanders. Our obligation to our traditional values lives in Cruz. Our level-headedness lives in Kasich.

Anyone who ends up in the Oval Office is our doing.

Like them or not, we created them.

We are all human.

And I am the president.



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