9 Ways to Make Your Summer Memorable

It’s almost here. You’re forcing yourself through that final stretch of school or work. Spring cleaning is [somewhat] finished, the sun is setting after dinner instead of before, and you’ve stopped sneezing all the god damn time. You’re ready to make that transition from selling your labor to throwing away everything you worked so hard for in the first place in a matter of several weeks.

Whether you actually have plans for the summer or you’re just going to wing it and see what sunny adventures lie ahead, here are 10 easy ways to make your summer the most memorable one yet.

1. Get in shape!


It’s not June just yet! There’s plenty of time to give yourself your alter-ego’s body. Even if summer wasn’t rapidly approaching, the Earth is only getting hotter anyway. So we’re going to have to pop our shirts off at some point.

Go for a run before work while it feels nice out. Do a few sit-ups and push-ups during the Game of Thrones commercials. Smoke a little bit of crack. Eat some of the delicious fruits that are currently in season. It’s never too late for a little bit of self-hate!


2. Get a cool job!


Especially if you’re young, summer is the perfect time to make some extra green.

You could snag a position at a local movie theater so you can get your friends free tickets to see a film without you.

OR you could start lifeguarding at a public pool so you can sit in a chair and watch as the weirdest people you’ve ever seen in your life dunk their hairy bodies into a vat of chlorine water. Your friends can even stop by to make fun of you through the wire fence.

But if that doesn’t hook you, you could always see if there are positions open at the country club. One of the most incredible and rewarding ways to spend summer is catering to elitists who oddly call you “boy” even though its 2016.


3. Travel!


One thing that it’s difficult to do in all seasons except summer is to take a real vacation or go on an extended trip.

Make some memories this summer, and make them in brand new places. You don’t even have to leave the country. Go to a state you’ve never been to, like Wyoming or well-being.

See historical landmarks. Read the writing on famous memorials. Taste food you haven’t yet tasted. Fall in love with a person with a stupid accent. Throw away your money gambling on a cruise ship and have your wife give you shit for it for the rest of the trip. Travel can teach us so much about ourselves, and if you have the opportunity to do it this summer, don’t hesitate!


4. Go [or send the kids] to summer camp!



Many people’s fondest summer memories took place at their favorite camps when they were young.

Days are full of fun activities and nights are full of pillow talks and hilarious pranks. People make some of the best friends they could ever have at camp, and they keep in touch with them by cracking inside jokes via Facebook memes.

And your friend totally lost his virginity to a girl from Canada when he was at camp, so there’s that.


5. Volunteer!


If you’ve got time on your hands, why not spend it helping people out?

Summer give us 5K runs, camp counseling, mission trips, and so many other opportunities for suburban people to show their Instagram followers how they intend to better themselves.

Do something for the greater good for once. Give back. Grab some friends and make summer memories through service and social media.


6. Have a cookout!


It’s no secret that the best burgers are the ones that had two or three flies hanging out on top of them while you weren’t looking!

Summertime is perfect for firing up the grill and yelling at the kids to stay back. And it’s perfect for wearing stupid sandals and rummaging desperately through your own garage looking for your old baseball mitt. And the 4th of July? Forgettaboutit. Nothing better than dawning American flag shorts and watching fireworks as the used styrofoam plates sit sadly under the tables you set up.

Let’s be real. The most memorable summers always involve good friends and good food. So go ahead and buy some beef franks and some beans and get ready to regret inviting half the guests!


7. Beach week!



Did you really have a memorable summer if you didn’t hit the beach at least once?

Whether it be surfing with your friends, looking around for cool shells, or relaxing under an umbrella to tackle your summer reading list, beach beats work and school 11 times out of 10. And if your particular beach has strict open container laws, see above.

Take your family or your friends with you down to the beach for a week or two this summer! Soak up the sun and the breeze and bury your worries in the same sand that will never be completely cleaned out of your bag.


8.  Take summer classes!


Because one of the most efficient ways to spend money in any time of year is to sit in a classroom (or at your computer) and never opening the textbook they told you to get.

A thirst for knowledge is valuable, as is a summer spent quenching that thirst.


9. Absolutely nothing.


Honestly, for many, the best thing about summer is the freedom to do what they’ve always wanted to do: nothing.

Countless hours of sleep were lost in the fall, winter, and spring. Day after day, busting your ass for people you don’t like. Setting alarms. Running errands. Wearing pants.

Your summer to remember could very well consist of multiple naps and daytime television. And you should regret none of it.

Congratulations in advance for making it through yet another year of whatever it is you do. As summer races around the corner, get ready to spend it in the most memorable way you can. Or just wing it.

we’re all human.


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