LGBT: Let Guys/Girls Be Trans

The United States continues on her path of divisiveness issue after issue. What is it this time? Well,

it’s not tax reform.

It’s not healthcare.

It’s not race relations.

It’s not abortion.

Okay, well, it is all those things. But guess what thing is under the social microscope now.



Several months ago HumanBoddie columnist Eli Presberg discussed controversy in Houston over allowing transgender individuals to use the restroom that aligns with their gender identities.

More recently, North Carolina passed what’s known as the HB2 bill, which essentially prohibits transgender people from doing just that. Instead, all individuals must use public restrooms that align with their birth gender assignment.

Just like everything else in this country, this split us right down the middle.

The bill was widely protested, and as more states attempt to emulate it, more protests are happening. Many feel that such a law is nothing short of pure discrimination against people who are different.


Others believe that such a bill is necessary, though. They feel that it is an effective way to “protect” people in public restrooms. The objective is apparently to protect the likes of women and children from individuals believed to be creepy men trying to use women’s restrooms.

It’s amazing how people become so afraid of things they didn’t even know existed until, like, weeks prior.

I mean it’s…it’s a restroom. People go in there to rid their bodies of waste. That’s about it.

This is what we’re trying to avoid:


But in the process, we’ll be walking ourselves right into this:


A few things:

First … It’s almost as though we think transgender people are new.

They so very aren’t.

Transgender people have been around for a very long time. Granted, they account for an extremely small portion of the world, and most of them didn’t really go public with it for obvious reasons until this century, but they still existed. And I assume they’ve been using the same restrooms as everyone else.

When I was a little kid, my mom would always water my juice down so I wasn’t taking in an overwhelming amount of sweetness and sugar. I was never aware that she was doing this, and I still very much enjoyed my juice. But what if, after a while, she had told me she was doing it? Would it make sense for me to get upset and demand that she stop? Not really, because I was fine with it before; it never hurt me.  And it doesn’t matter at all.

Besides, there are way more things to worry about in restrooms besides people who used to be a different gender.





We think that allowing trans women to use women’s restrooms will signal men to pretend to be trans women so that they, too, can go in the women’s restroom and be creepy.

There are zero cases of this happening. Seriously, read Presberg’s column. We’ve been over this before.

More republican legislators have been charged for assaulting women [and men] in restrooms than transgender people or people pretending to be transgender have. We just dream up these irrational fears so that we can keep people from living their freaking lives.

Moreover, you would find that many transgender people avoid public restrooms until they know that they are completely passable as their chosen gender identity. In other words, transgender people have been trying to make everyone else feel comfortable and safe. Imagine that. A trans woman who used to be a man is not going to waltz into a women’s restroom if she still looks like a man.


And what if we enacted this law everywhere? Who is going to patrol the f***ing restroom looking for trans people?

The one thing I avoid doing in public restrooms is taking a peek at the private parts of the person at the urinal next to mine.

I’m a friendly person [I guess], but I certainly am not trying to hang around in the restroom. In fact, I don’t really  want to make eye contact with anyone else. I have probably been in the restroom with men who used to be women many times.

Someone who was born female but is now male would be forced to use the women’s restroom. We are going to force a person who looks like a man to in the women’s restroom. If we really wanted people to feel safe, we wouldn’t do that.

But hey… I get it. You’re confused. You’re scared. Your way of life is being threatened. Transgender people couldn’t possibly know what that’s like for you.


There are unisex restrooms all over the world, by the way. There’s even one in your house.

And, come on. Pedophiles? Really?

We can try and rationalize this however we want. But when you get right down to it, this is what happened:

Transgender people came out and said “Hey, we’re people, too!” and we said “Wait, what? Who are you? Where did y’all come from? What’s happening?! AAAAGGHH GET ‘EM AWAY!”

America will hide behind children, the Bible, and the illusion of freedom for as long as she can. She should, however, expect to be called out for it.

We’re all human.


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