What “brave men and women” actually means

I’ll give it to you in “plain English,” whatever that is supposed to be.

Transgender Americans are Americans.

After we spent last year arguing over whether our trans friends should be allowed to pee in public, this year the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces decided they should not be allowed to serve in the military “IN ANY CAPACITY.”

To the confused right winger who doesn’t understand these “snowflakes” with their cries for “equality,” are you happy about this? Is this a good step forward for America to you? Is this one of the bigger issues that you think really needed to be tackled in the first several months of The Donald’s term?

If it is, congratulations. I’m glad there isn’t much else causing grief in your life.

But this was POTUS’s decision, not yours, so I’ll just focus on what he said…on Twitter, because that’s just how POTUS talks to us in 2017.

File_000 (4).jpeg



Let’s make sure we all understand what it means to be trans.

An individual with a gender identity different from the sex assigned to them at their birth is, at least for this article’s purpose, transgender.

This means that if you were born male and are now female, you are trans. But it also means you are female. And if you were born in America, what I’m getting at is this:


Keep in mind that this news comes a year after former President Obama lifted this same ban.

The “medical costs” that the current POTUS mentioned caught me off guard at first. I am still under the impression that he’s referring to hormones or surgeries that many transgender individuals require to fully transition.

Something told me that would not be much of an issue, though. Being that the T in LGBTQIA accounts for less than 1% of the nation’s census, there was never going to be a large influx of trans soldiers, sailors, airmen or marines to begin with.

But the Charlotte Observer did report this today following up on the LA times:

“The Pentagon commissioned a six-month study before lifting the ban, estimating that transgender service member treatments would increase military health care costs between $2.4 million and $8.4 million, according to the LA Times. That constitutes a 0.13 percent increase.”

A 0.13 percent increase.


OK, so 13% isn’t tiny either. The price for freedom?

Is this just Trump trying to do as promised and un-do everything Barack Obama did? Is he trying to stay in the good graces of a bigoted base? Is he a bigot himself?

Whatever the executive branch is up to, it was officially declared (on Twitter) that transgender citizens serving in our military would be a disruption.

Even under the Obama administration, transgender individuals would have to wait a year and a half after their transition to to be accepted.

If you look like a woman and say you’re a woman, to me you are a woman. I won’t know you used to be a man unless I ask. And I wouldn’t ask because we more than likely have a job to do.

I always imagined that if you find yourself in another man’s country fighting for your own, there’s really only one thing on your mind:


What you shouldn’t be thinking about is whatever situation your fellow soldiers, airmen, sailors or marines have going on under their uniforms. That would probably be a disruption. But it’s on you, not them.

I mean…

Black people are pre-disposed to high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and more. Imagine the medical costs of accepting them into the military! And the disruption coming from them always “identifying” themselves by asking everyone else to accept their blackness.




There is already an estimated 6,000 trans people currently serving. I’m certain that those people are not causing problems for their colleagues or for civilians.

This is yet another issue that does not need to be an issue.

I tweeted myself today that if people would just be honest from the jump and admit that they don’t like trans people, we could start our argument there and it would actually make more sense than the excuses put forth by a Trump base. Just admit that from the second you heard about transgender people (who have been around for centuries minding their business), you went


You can at least then be told why that’s a stupid and unnecessary way to behave and the conversation can progress more constructively.

Until then, the Commander in Chief, who a year ago claimed he would fight for the LGBT community while his opponent would not, will continue believing it’s OK to deny them their right to fight for us.

Brave men, brave women, brave anyone who are willing to do their part in protecting the sovereignty of this country and its people should be allowed to do so, and we shouldn’t have to be told that.









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