“Make America White Again” is a real thing now.

The reason those “social justice warriors” the Internet hates so much exist is because people like Tennessee’s Rick Tyler exist. Who’s Rick Tyler? Come with me, won’t you? To the state where the likes of Bob Dylan and Dolly Parton created their best art. To the state with some of the best barbecue you ever done tasted.… Read More “Make America White Again” is a real thing now.

A Very Human Valentine’s Day

It’s finally here! A day of friendship, companionship, relationship…so many ships. The only day where pink and red don’t clash, but compliment. A day that, in relationships, is celebrated like an anniversary. A day that, in elementary school, is celebrated like Halloween without costumes. A day that, in college, is celebrated with singles’ parties and… Read More A Very Human Valentine’s Day

What’s Christmas Really About?

Fifty years ago, A Charlie Brown Christmas was released. The storyline featured Charlie Brown and his inner conflict about Christmas becoming “too commercial.” The major turning point in the half hour special is Linus’s speech wherein he quotes the Gospel of Luke (the story of the nativity) and ends it with, “That’s what Christmas is all about,… Read More What’s Christmas Really About?