A Very Human Valentine’s Day

It’s finally here! A day of friendship, companionship, relationship…so many ships. The only day where pink and red don’t clash, but compliment. A day that, in relationships, is celebrated like an anniversary. A day that, in elementary school, is celebrated like Halloween without costumes. A day that, in college, is celebrated with singles’ parties and… Read More A Very Human Valentine’s Day


A little bit during (but mostly following) the Academy Awards ceremony last year, the Twittersphere was overflowing with the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite. This was essentially a passive aggressive response to what was viewed as an outrageous lack of diversity among Oscar nominees and winners. This year, after the nominees were announced, #OscarsSoWhite made another appearance. There… Read More #OscarsSoWhat

It’s Always Sunny in Bollywood

If you’ve never seen the name “Sunny Leone” there’s a chance you’re probably lying. Leone is an Indian ex-pornographic actress. The spotlight is on her again, but for a different reason. Now, she dreams of successfully entering the Bollywood film business. Born in Canada, the 34-year-old has a pretty successful career under her belt (sorry…) and, in all… Read More It’s Always Sunny in Bollywood