I don’t really know where to begin. My name is Timothy Michael Boddie, and this is my blog.

I’m originally from Hampton, Virginia. I lived there until I was ten. I enjoyed a relatively normal and peaceful childhood complete with a yuppie Christian private school education and an older sister who couldn’t stand me (sidenote: her blog is mindboddiesoul.com. please check it out). As a kid, I was smart, independent, stubborn, and curious. But I never really had much of a passion for writing. I was more concerned with..I don’t know. Kid stuff.

After elementary school my family moved to the bustling metropolis of Tyrone, Georgia. I was a little disappointed to leave my previous home, but the Atlanta area grew on me. This is where I built my strongest relationships, developed most of my passions, and where I really became who I am. In high school, I was a pretty regular student. I got good grades because I was supposed to, and I hung out with my friends because that was a thing too. I was a HUGE band nerd though. I still have a big focus on jazz drumming today. Besides writing, it’s my favorite thing to do.

Okay at this point I’m done with the background stuff you don’t care about. Let’s talk journalism.

In school, they’re always going to make you write essays. By the time I was in maybe tenth grade, I discovered how good I was at them. I also realized how terrible I was at numbers and science in comparison to words. I may not be the world’s best communicator, but I can make art with a pen and paper and an idea. Even after junior year, I still wasn’t sure how to mold my passions. But then I landed an internship with my county newspaper office. The time I spent there was awesome. It was just an office with a select few people who got to go around the community and talk to people and develop opinions and stories and record interesting facts and then publish it for everyone. It’s not like the Washington Post or anything, but to me it was the coolest thing ever. I knew I wanted to at least do something similar.

Now, I am a freshman at the University of South Carolina (if you couldn’t tell by the photo, which is the most freshman photo ever taken). I am a journalism major. I went home to Georgia for Labor Day weekend, and the friend I was staying with was busy with homework, so I got bored, and made this blog. I’m sorry if it’s not that exciting, but that’s literally the story.

I’m eighteen years old, so I’m young and ignorant. But I have a voice, and I intend to project it through my writing. To me, the world is one giant ball of infinite stories. I can’t wait to tell them.

And hey, we’re all human.